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Metallic Paint
Metallic Paints

Water-based pre-mixed Metallic colors

When it comes to choosing a metallic paint for a do-it-yourself project, high-end decorative finish or large architectural specification, Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection™ has you covered! Our focus on metallic finishes has made us the world leader in water base metallic paints. Our Metallic Paint Collection products are available in over 4,000 paint retailers in 25 countries around the world.

  • Water-based, non-hazardous and non-tarnishing,
    pre-mixed metallic colors
  • Low VOC and LEED Compliant
  • With real metallic and mica particles

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Venetian Plaster
Venetian Plaster

The First Choice in Acrylic Venetian Plaster

Venetian Plaster is a tintable acrylic plaster finishing system that can develop a beautiful, highly polished appearance. The applicator can control the sheen level of the finish by simply sanding and burnishing the plaster. Various looks can be created such as polished marble, stone and suede.

  • Is an elegant finishing plaster that can create a highly polished marble-like appearance, stone and suede
  • It can be used as an accent for room, kitchen and bathroom

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Create Beautiful Shimmering Finishes

A trowel-applied architectural coating that produces beautiful shimmering effects with luminous undertones without burnishing or sanding! A variety of decorative finishes can be achieved from smooth, multi-colored finishes to layered stone, dimensional lace, strié, raw silk and raised ornament. Create a stunning feature wall or transform entire rooms in residences, office suites, restaurants and hotels.

  • Is a water base architectural coating that produces beautiful, shimmering effects with luminous undertones
  • For layered stone, dimensional lace, linen, raw silk and raised ornament.
  • It is easy to repair, water resistant, mold and mildew resistant

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metal effects width=
Metal Effects

The First Choice in Oxidized Metal Finishes

Are water-based paints that contain real metal
particles and create a aged metal effects like:

  • Rust Finish
  • Bronze Paint with Blue or Green Patina
  • Copper Paint with Blue or Green Patina

*It can be use for interior and exterior

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Wild Fire

The First Choice in Luminescent Paints

Creating dramatic visual effects with Luminescent Paints has never been easier! A variety of Fluorescent, Invisible Fluorescent and Invisible Clear Fluorescent Colors are available. We also offer the only “true white” under both visible light and UV blacklight.

Modern Masters uses proprietary, ultra-violet technologies to create Wildfire Luminescent Paints. These paints are water base, easy to apply, color balanced and specifically formulated under UV blacklight for maximum brightness. Since 1989, industry professionals have relied on Wildfire products to create dramatic blacklight visual effects for film, television, theme parks, night clubs and entertainment venues. When quality is a necessary ingredient in your project, you can count on Modern Masters’ Wildfire paints to deliver.

  • Water-based and creates dramatic visual effects with Luminescent Paints
  • Also available is the only “true white” under both visible light and UV blacklight

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